About us

Founded in 2020, the Offshore Solutions Group is a unique team of highly experienced offshore specialists with unparalleled technical, execution & commercial expertise.

Company profile

We exist to share our decades of practical experience & floating system expertise to help you successfully deliver your commercial-scale floating wind projects. We do this by applying proven, proprietary techniques & processes to drive informed decisions and develop deliverable solutions within the highly constrained supply-chain environment, thus providing practical strategic and project support we help move evolve your ambitions into delivered reality.

We have a growing multi-disciplined team of renowned experts, averaging over 20yrs offshore and floating operational and delivery experience to back up their technical prowess. We have done this because we recognize the highly integrated way and fast-paced way that commercial-scale floating projects need to be delivered.

Our name includes ‘Solutions’ because we see our role is not only to identify the challenges, problems and risks inherent in commercial-scale developments but to leverage our knowledge and experience to provide innovative solutions to overcome & mitigate these and ensure successful delivery.

To enhance our ability to develop and deliver practical solutions, we have built a unique global network of specialist Technical Partners that gives us fast-paced confidential access to additional technical expertise.

Leadership profiles

Will Rowley

Group Chief Executive

Will Rowley founded the Offshore Solutions Group in 2020 and is Group Chief Executive. He is an offshore energy market strategist of 29yrs standing. He is a recognised authority on service & supply chain strategy, development & delivery for major offshore projects & activities including positioning, risk mitigation, local relationships, supply chains and delivery optionality.

Career highlights include:

  • Market and export advisor to UK Government
  • Governmental advisor in key offshore markets including Norway, Scotland, and USA
  • Supporting 53 of top 100 global offshore service companies
  • Advisor to 38 international financial institutions and Initiated, developed and/or supported >60 M&A transactions relating to offshore companies
  • Authored five major studies on offshore markets and presented >100 industry papers
  • Former CEO (Decom North Sea), Group Analyst (Acteon Group) and Analytical Services Director (Infield, now Wood Mackenzie)
  • Non-Executive Director on multiple boards
  • Will holds an MBA (dip) and Law (Cert)

Steven Barras

CEO (Americas)

Steven joined the Offshore Solutions Group in 2021 and is the CEO for USA operations and the senior technical authority for floating offshore wind (FLOW) solutions globally. He has 29yrs offshore experience in the design, construction and delivery of floating assets including offshore wind. He is a recognised authority on FLOW foundation designs and operational delivery of commercial scale FLOW projects.